Sukhothai Historic Park and the ruins of ancient Sukhothai state is located on a foothill plain, and slopes down to the east with a wide range of Khao Pratak Mountain from the west to the south areas of the city. Khao Pratak is an important resource encompassing plenty of natural products, mineral and water resource benefiting for consuming. A small canal called ‘Klong Mae Lum Phan” originated from Lampang Province also flows through Sukhothai city and joins Yom River at a distance of 12 kilometers from the east.
Sukhothai is primarily presumed to be located in the north part with Pra Phai Luang temple as a center of the city and later was extended to build a new town at the south as appeared today.
The landscape of Sukhothai can be seen in a rectangle shape with 3 layers of city rampart and is divided by a ditch. The inner part of rampart are presumed to be built early, but the central and external rampart may be built when Sukhothai was under the power of Ayuthaya state. The rampart of Sukhithai are approximately 1,300 meters wide and 1,800 meters long encompassing the ruins of ancient Sukhothai which are scattered over the city and surrounded with over 200 various scales of archaeological sites spread over the outer 4 sides of the rampart.
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ver.2 01Department of Fine Arts has realized the value and importance of ancient Sukhothai and has pushed its efforts to make a registration of the archaeological sites for further preserve of nation’s heritage and prevention of environmental invasion. Consequently, an official registration was done to embrace the areas of 70 square kilometers and announced in the Thai Government Gazette, 92th volume, and 112th part, on 17th June, 1975. The registered sites were established afterwards to be the Historic Sukhothai Park and opened officially on 20th November 1988.

In addition, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee on the World Heritage Convention announced on 12th December 2534 B.E. (1991) at Carthage City, Tunisia that Historic Sukhothai Park including Si Satchanalai and Kamphaeng Phet to be a world heritage as appearing on the 574th listing of the world heritage. To date, 217 archaeological sites in the Historic Sukhothai Park have been investigated by Department of Fine Arts.  ver.2 03